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Many of us are trying to effectively decrease the body mass, and the most of those who went through one or another type of weight management program, know so well that reducing weight is not the key solution for being overweight. Possibly, even more important problem is: how to keep the weight after the program is over. There are the main tips on how to keep your weight low and preventing possible weight gain.

1. overweightStick to new eating habits which you developed while going through a weight management program. Remember that in order to keep your weight low, you need to change your major approach to your nutrition, eat mostly healthy and nutritious foods and minimize the consumption of harmful foods like sweet, fatty or fried ones.

2. Keep in touch with your weight management specialist. Do not try just to give up on all your efforts and feel free to eat everything you want after you are done with the program. A nutritionist can not only give you a useful piece of advise on how to develop good eating habit or what to eat, he can also motivate you and show your right way.

3. Be patient. Remember that as your body needed time to store extra fat, it needs some time to deal with fat burning and readjusting to new body mass. It is very important not to have very high expectations and not to lose weight too very fast, cos’ it can cause too abrupt changes in your body, linked to imbalances, diseases and even premature death.

4. Keep your head cool. Many people when they’ve managed to lose weight successfully, begin eating everything they crave for and gain the pounds back immediately. Be proud of the results you managed to achieve and treasure them.

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